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Many are saying that the world will end tonight with the coming the Blood Moon. They say they know the date for the Return of Christ and the end of the world, and that date is September 27th, or September 28th, depending on where you're standing in the world at the time. Is the world ending tonight? Should you be concerned? Find out in this podcast episode of The Good Path.

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Today, our world has a new god that we seek for wealth, knowledge, might, and immortality. But, can the power of our new god change lives, save us, and give us eternal life? The power of Jesus Christ is the only true power that can change our world. In this episode of The Good Path we'll discuss what the power of is that can change lives. A power that world's new god will never possess.

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We live in a world that is rapidly changing. in fact, because of technology, our world is changing faster than we we can comprehend or keep pace with. We are depending more and more on the power of technology and less of the power of God. But the true power of God, the power that can overcome anything, will never be duplicated or even comprehended by technology.

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